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If we look for tourguides/travelbooks in Internet and bookshop we find following publishers:

Bradth Guides
They seem to be specialized for Africa and have informations about nearly all countries. So they have the biggest collection, we use them for Gabon.

Insight Guides
Insight Guides are more for middle class travellers. They find nice hotels, go to the nice parts of town. It is more of a magazine-style layout with beautiful photos. The travellers like to get a little bit luxury at tours.

Lonely Planet
They are very famous for their travel guides. Only, if you are a tip in the guide, everybody knows it and we have no lonely planet anymore.

Rough Guides
Rough Guides is created for budget backpacker types. They find more the informations for things, needing no comfort. So the focus is more on budget hostels, how to travel around cheaply and they are written informal and friendly too.

Dorling Kindersley
Dorling Kindersley makes very beautiful travelbooks with love for details, many pictures and maps. We use the German version of Kenya for our website. Other guides for Africa are about Egypt and Morroco.

We build now a lot of country websites for Africa and as information we use the travel books of the following editors in German language

Ilona Hupe
Ilona Hupe travels many days a year in Africa, mostly Zambia. She makes great travel books and we used her Mozambique, Botswana and Malawi travel guide for our country websites.

Michael Iwanowski
Michael Iwanowski is since 30 years publisher of a lot of travelbooks. We like his style, where he described a lot of lodges. For our Tansania Website we got many informations.

Peter Meyer
This editor has a great travelbook for Ghana. We hope he will publish more about countries which are also worth to travel.

They have titles for over 100 countries, also maps, dictoniaries and travelstories. In Africa they cover a lot of countries, also some special like Kamerun, which was a great source. You have just to point the country.

They have from Africa only Ethiopia, Morocco and Algier. You find alos a book about cruise on Nile. It’s the only editor where we can get commission if we sell their travelbooks.

There are also many apps and websites, just let us list some with high importance:

TripadvisorTripadvisor works with ratings for the guests and they are international very famous. There are not so many local hotels in the web, so the ratings can be very helpful.

Everybody knows Wikipedia and it’s a good source for informations about the country, political and economical situation.

Google Maps
In Africa Google maps are a challenge, many roads in the cities don’t have names. We also made the entry of a hotel in Kumasi, Ghana, the Rosetarose Hotel.