Tourguide – see the posts of engaged travelguides

Here we make a for every tourguide a post with WordPress, which the guides send to me. The advantage everybody is free to publish what he wants without any structure. I will lead to more personality and not be lost in a structure. The only structure is now the country as category, maybe we will add more category. In the moment it’s better you work together in an organisation in Africa.

There are too much challenges in organise a tour.

If somebody looks for a tourguide, we expect, that he take some time. We hope to find travelguides through couchsurfing and mylanguageexchange.

In the moment we just program a good solution to put the categories in. Now so long we don’t have many travelguides, we put here links. As soon we have more than 20 of it, there will be a select mode. Our first travelguides you find here:
Offer of Nasassira

Then we got on an exhibition a good contact, we hope Daniel will be happy with our post. If there is any tourist to Madagaskar he should visit him
Idea for Daniel

In Togo there is Kokou. He worked out a tour for a some places, like the village Sodo, Kamalo, an excursion to Kpalime, Kara and Kante. I think he is great guide.
Offer of Kokou