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The Great Trekkers Safaris is a tours & travel registered social enterprise focused at promoting sustainable tourism for community development in Uganda and East Africa at large.

The company is based in western Uganda a region that is known as a hub of the best tourist attractions. This is due to the fact that out of the 10 National parks found in Uganda, 8 of these game parks are found in the region including Bwindi Impenetrable Forest which hosts more than 50% of the world’s total mountain Gorillas. The region boosts of a wide range of nature and wildlife attractions, the best weather conditions throughout the year and it has two famous mountains that is Mt. Rwenzori one of the highest mountains in Africa with a snow capped peak and Mt.Muhabura another Volcanic mountain found in the region.

About Uganda the Pearl of Africa

In 1907 Sir Winston Churchill while on his African Journey visited Uganda and on his way back he made a life time statement on this great country “I have travelled from East to West But Uganda is indeed “The Pearl Of Africa”
Uganda is a land locked country found in East Africa. According to the latest population census of 2014- Uganda has a population of 38M people and is highly dominated by the youth who make a greater percentage 60% of the total population.
According to the latest report released by The Internations Expat Insider Index 2016, Uganda was ranked as the 2nd country in the whole world with the friendliest and hospital people. And on 23rd of January, Uganda was ranked the best travel destination in Africa by and the 4th best destination in the entire world.

Uganda is the home to the source of R. Nile one of the longest in the world and has the largest fresh water Lake Victoria and many other lakes, the country has been ranked the best travel destination in Africa and the 4th best in the whole world by Rough Guides

The tourism industry has undergone rapid growth of unsurpassed nature over the last several decades. This has mainly been due to the advent of a ‚borderless‘ world and increased information dissemination about the majestic sceneries throughout the world, with the southern African region being no exception.

About the Great Trekkers

The Great Trekkers Safaris is a fully registered Company under Reg. No 220298. We are approved legally to offer professional tour & travel services across the Region including guided Wildlife Safaris, Gorilla and Chimpanzee trekking, Hotel bookings and Reservations, Airport Transfers, among many other services.
The Great Trekkers Safaris seeks to differentiate itself as a unique social enterprise company which is focused at promoting sustainable tourism in Uganda. As a company we realized a genuine need of starting up a social enterprise that would not only benefit the owners but would also benefit and develop the communities. We happen to come from a region that is a hub of Tourism which has the best attractions but we realized that the available tour companies front profit making at the expense of the people in such communities. So we came up with this company that fronts Eco-tourism, Cultural & Environmental conservation. As a Company we support community projects like schools and conservation projects within Lake Mburo National park by giving back 20% of our company profits to the communities for Charity initiatives.


The Vision of The Great Trekkers Safaris is to become the leading tour company in East Africa while focusing at supporting projects that enhance lives of communities living near conservation areas. We are a responsible travel agency focusing at promotion of community based tourism besides offering memorable safaris across the region.


Our mission is to serve our clients by offering memorable safari tours for all our clients while emphasizing quality, professionalism, community engagement and customer care. Through our passionate office staff and experienced field guides, we help put together exciting vacations for all our clients. We help you acquire the necessary permits, book your accommodation, arrange transport and general guidance throughout your trip.
Our expert knowledge, experience and passion for our customers is what allows us create a personalized and unique travel experience for all our clients.

Our Services

We offer unmatched Travel and Tour services across East Africa and with expertise we put down safaris that cater for all categories of clients depending on their budget, interests, age groups and the respective industry they fall in. We stand as the best travel agency when it comes to offering memorable adventures.

If your dream is to have a memorable holiday then we are here to take care of your travel needs contact us Now and we shall take you there!

For more check on our website and e-mail us:

Rogers Nasasira

The Great Trekkers Safaris

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