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Ok, I am crazy, all my friends are telling, don’t publish so much websites. I thought my hosting with 50 domains will last forever, when I started with “.reisen” I set my new limit to 80 Domains.

When I made an analyse as result I had to see that the people don’t look for travel ideas like coffee, cacoa, flowers, fruits, salt, spices, jewellery, no they look for countries. So I added some countries and made a new limit to 100 Domains. A friend of me domain trader dropped the domain and offered it to me.

I like Africa, I have some country websites and again I increase my limit. Now I order a new hosting plan and will make it only for business linked with Africa.

You find great informations about me on my website (please use Google Translator)
Songmaker Stephan Zurfluh

The contact details:

Altenburgstr. 5
CH-5430 Wettingen

Tel. +41 56 426 54 30

I thank the WordPress Community to support my projects with open source sofware and discussions.

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