Friends.Guide – Initiative for Guest Advisors

Friends.Guide is our initiative to find in different countries tourguides. We began our project, when I recognized that a good tourguide is very important for really impressions of the country. They can tell about the country, sightseeing points and the people.

The aim of the project is that the tourguide is more the friend as a service man and that they are offering for service for individual travellers. I am looking in the project for locals, which show the people interesting things and it is also important that the people have time to travel.

I invest always some time in the project and the contents are in English and German. Take a look at the website, which I focus to Europe and CIS countries. Here it’s easier to work independent, you don’t need really an organisation.
Friends.Guide (find your local guide in Europe and CIS countries)

We will put the local guides from Africa on the website Travelguide.Africa, so we are more flexible for the needs of our partners in Africa. The guides in Africa are faced to much more problems.

There is still a vision of sustainable tourism, which leads to more understanding. We are faced with the problems of refuges and we are sure, that everybody likes his home and family. So we need to find the a solution that people see a future, where they live.

Also we contribute ideas for tourism, advertising, other business and discuss it on our website. Aquafarms or plant chemicals are also a big chance. See our website in German:
Our house of ideas

On another website we describe our travel industry and we will list time by time all stakeholders. It’s also in German, so take a look:
Our house of travel industry