Daniel the forester of Madagaskar

Once Madagaskar was a green island with a wide variety for plants, trees and animals. Now about 90% of the forests destroyed and Daniel a driver in the region of Tulear begin to seed trees in his village. He hope, that the Lemures are coming back.

He is also teacher and knows how important forests are. We get the information at the Ferienmesse St. Gallen and decided to make this posts.

Mr. Otto Frei presented his minerals from Madagaskars and 50% of the sales to Mr. Daniel. We have a website about jewellery and we recognise also, that we have responsibility for nature.

In the moment we can only publish the address of Mr. Frey. If you want to go to Madagaskar, it’s a great contact. The family Frey lived 7 years in Madagaskar.

Otto Frei
Herzogenacker 15
CH-3654 Gunten


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