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Africa is a wonderful fascinating continent. I have been in Kenya during my youth and visited Ghana 2017 for my project about cacao tourism. The best impression of country is a good travelguide who helps the traveller to understand people and life.

When I designed the project cacao tourism, I recognized, that I need a need a platform for travel guides, the people and the literature. So I am working on the website and I hope for a lot of support and ideas.

On this website I will link you to the different publishers of travel guides, I will introduce my project for your personal travel guide and explain my projects in Africa.

So you find a page about travel books, take a look here:
Travel Books

The website travel guide is based on our experiences of Friends.Guide. We think that a guide is very important for the success of a tour.
Friends Guide

My destination informations are in German. Please use the Google Translator. Here every advise about it will help to provide travellers with better informations. We will work a lot on destinations to Africa. As journalist we will publish informations on Websites for some countries. Every country page is completely different and contains following points:

  • General opinion from my view
  • Travel Destinations
  • Partners, i.e. Tour Operators
  • Advises
  • Imprint

The websites are written in German. So you reach a big audience of people in Europe, who have money for travelling. On every of our African websites we link to Travelguide.Africa
Destination Websites

Please be so kind and write me your impressions. I am always thankful for stories and photos. With my initiatives of cocoa and coffee tourism you should contact me directly. On my tours you stay with the farmers and learn about products, which you enjoy every day.

If you want to be a travelguide in Africa, just send me a post with photos. You are absolutely free to define, what should I publish. We recommend to work as small organisations.

In the moment we work on following countries, which will be from time to time better and we can also publish your programs:
Burkina Faso
Cote Ivoire

With our touroperator GuS.Reisen we organize tours on the foottrace of every day products. In the moment we have links to programs for coffee, cocoa, tea and tabacco
Coffee Tourism
Cocoa Tourism
Tobacco Tourism
Tea Tourism

We think about fairtrade and that’s the reason for a blog and website to share opinions:

Cause Africa is has a wonderful nature and wildlife, so many people like safaris. We promote such tours with our website Big5 and link it also to the travelguide website.
Website for Safaris, Big5.Reisen (in German)
There we decide for five countries, where we want offer Safaris and we work also on more country informations:


Also we participate in a visaservice, if you live in Switzerland we help you and put all informations on our website. That’s also a chance to learn travellers known:
Website for visa, Visadienst

Finally there is one international project English, where we spend many energy. We want that the people make with smartphone videos about their beautiful home and invite travellers. Every travel has the chance for better understanding:

Every traveller I invite to discuss me about his plans and if he comes back to report the impressions. The website Travelguide.Africa I see as an open source project to improve the tourism in Africa.

Thanks a lot.